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Gracias ETHMexico! ORIGYN had an incredible time at this recent hackathon, connecting with other developers in the space and, of course, losing sleep on the last-minute bells and whistles of our project. What a whirlwind!

Team ORIGYN’s project, as so many hackathon initiatives go, started as one thing and ended up as something else. Initially, the dev team set out to create an upgradeable POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFT that would allow event creators to host apps inside of them. This would make these NFTs much more than just an entry ticket, but something with multifunctional utility. (Hmm, that sounds familiar.)

Unfortunately, we didn’t receive our API keys in time and had to pivot our project to something new. So, instead, the team decided to leverage the new t-ECDSA module to receive an NFT and send it back to the receiving address. They put the finishing touches on the hackathon by Tuesday evening.

You can see the result of our hack here:

The full description on Github:

And read the breakdown of what the team created on our tech lead’s Twitter:

The key aspect to note here is that the team created a way to mint the NFT on Polygon and then point the URL to an Internet Computer URL, where a ton of data is stored, including multiple libraries and dApps. In essence, this quick hackathon further exemplifies how robust and useful NFTs can be when built on a forward-looking and expansive framework.

The upcoming ORIGYN NFT standard will provide that pathway forward, and it won’t be based on a weekend hackathon (we promise). Stay tuned to see just how versatile NFTs can be.

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