Luxury second-hand, an expanding sector that must track down counterfeits

November 5, 2022

Trace, certify, authenticate have become obligatory steps before transactions, first and foremost for luxury watches. A meticulous work in which the Neuchâtel company Origyn has specialized, which intends to establish a sort of biometric passport for luxury watches.

The idea is to photograph the watch from every angle and in very high resolution as soon as it is produced, in order to generate a secure, tamper-proof digital certification available online. Everyone can then check, via a QR Code and a smartphone application, if the watch they want to buy is authentic.

Co-founder of Origyn, Vincent Perriard details the process on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.: "Here we have a dial of a watch, a Daytona. We see the index number two and we are taking millions of points, we will zoom in on the two and you will see that the imprint is unique, there cannot be two of them the same. Even if we do the same dial a million times, they will always be unique."