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Austin Fatheree


Austin is a data and blockchain architect who has been building custom software applications for over two decades. He spent the last five years working with large corporations to bring Web3 to the enterprise space.


Silvia Biestro

Vice-President of Operations

Silvia is a tech leader with experience in scaling up digital operations that unlock growth.
She held various senior management positions in Adia, an on-demand staffing platform bringing it from loss to profitability.


Christophe Delaigue

Vice President of IT

Christophe is an IT expert with a diverse background across sysadmin, devops and network expert roles. He has also worked as a demo maker and video games developer.


Tianyi Li

Chief Product Officer

Tianyi is a company builder and startup operator. He led strategy and operations at tech startups like Choco and Magic Leap. Previously, he launched corporate ventures at BCG Digital Ventures as Venture General Manager.


Cassidy Esper

Head of Marketing & Communications

Cassidy is a veteran of developing and managing digital content, communications and marketing strategies. She has excelled for organizations in the tech, venturing and Web3 sectors, including ORIGYN Foundation, 55 Foundry and BCG Digital Ventures.

Foundation Board


Gian Bochsler

Founder & Board Member

Gian is a veteran entrepreneur, fund manager and board member, as well as a driving force in the fintech community. An expert in blockchain technology and governance, Gian founded in 2014 and joined DFINITY in 2016. At DFINITY, he serves as a council member and helps direct Swiss operations. As a founding partner of the ORIGYN Foundation, Gian specializes in the organization’s governance model, as well as its node and token structure.


Vincent Perriard

Founder & Board Member

Vincent is a brand specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the luxury and fashion industries.

Vincent is globally recognized as a luxury influencer, having filled diverse leadership roles with Audemars Piguet, HYT, Swatch Group and others. Drawing from his extensive marketing experience, Vincent spearheaded brand strategies for some of the most powerful and successful fashion and luxury brands in the world. He is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur, having founded major advisory firms in Europe. As a founding partner of the ORIGYN Foundation, Vincent leads ORIGYN Luxury and serves as an ambassador for the organization’s brand and marketing practice across sectors.


Mike Schwartz

Founder & Board Member

Mike is a pioneer in the creation of pan-industry economies leveraging the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) and a global leader in the tech startup and financial sectors.

Most recently, Mike created 55 Foundry and led its technology and core business functions. Mike previously directed BCG Digital Ventures’ (BCGDV) business in Asia and co-founded Genos, the emotional intelligence company. Mike also led global data architecture for Goldman Sachs Funds Management in New York and is widely recognized as one of the foremost pioneers in blockchain technology. As a founding partner of ORIGYN Foundation, Mike is the head of the organization’s R&D branch in Manhattan Beach, CA and directs ORIGYN’s general product, technology, and AI divisions.