Experiences and

Experiences and

Rewarding and Celebrating Collectors

ORIGYN leverages proprietary Web3 technology and NFTs to bring physical and digital artifacts to life while also securing their value and creating opportunities to exchange these objects with others.

Ensuring trust in asset value through secure and traceable digital certificates of authenticity and protecting the lifetime value of collectible artifacts is core to the ORIGYN Foundation mission. Everything we do is designed to help protect collectors from purchasing counterfeit goods and to foster a vibrant and active community for owners and "treasure hunters" alike.


ORIGYN addresses four primary challenges for the entire collector community:


The memorabilia market is valued at an estimated $5.4B; however, it is riddled with counterfeit goods. ORIGYN offers a global guarantee that stands behind its certificates of authenticity. This restores trust in the value of each artifact and serves as a permanent and paperless record of ownership.


ORIGYN provides open and secure access to a broader audience of global buyers on secure and open marketplaces.


Collecting is all about personal connection, passion and creativity. "Super-fans" of all things can now better share and celebrate their passions and collections in a shared space with equally committed enthusiasts.


ORIGYN brings together secure wallets and NFT management to enable collectors to securely track their digital certificates/NFTs just like monetary assets.


ORIGYN provides the infrastructure for asset owners to mint real-life, tangible artifacts as dynamic hybrid NFTs. ORIGYN-powered marketplaces provide new opportunities to buy, sell and trade the world's most treasured artifacts as NFTs or hybrid physical-digital collections. Here’s how it works...


We securely transport the item to our studio to capture the biometry of the artifact using the ORIGYN engine.


We create the item's digital twin as a solitary, tamperproof duplicate of the authenticated physical object, add metadata and then prepare the newly created NFT for sale on a secure and open marketplace.


After the transaction, the NFT is sent to the buyer's wallet and securely registered on the blockchain. For items where the physical artifact can and is purchased, the item will also be securely shipped to its new owner.


ORIGYN runs on the Internet Computer (IC), developed by the DFINITY Foundation. The IC is a revolutionary, decentralized global compute platform we leverage to mint, maintain and transfer digital twins. Advanced cryptography and decentralized technology make the protocol tamper-proof and efficiently scalable. Built upon the foundation of the IC’s superior technology, ORIGYN aims to become the most secure, accessible, and fair art ecosystem ever created.

The advantages

Enables treasured artifacts to be bought, sold and traded efficiently and with guaranteed trust

Ensures the value of the asset while providing a paperless certificate of authenticity that can never be lost or falsified

A window to new revenue streams and consumer touch points to offer value-adding services

Connects communities of fans and collectors together to celebrate their shared passions

Allows users to securely track their NFTs like monetary assets

Rewards collectors by providing a platform that celebrates and protects the artifacts and experiences they care most about

Empowers owners to realize the full and lasting value of their collections