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ORIGYN Solutions

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ORIGYN for Business

There are two ways for businesses to benefit from the ORIGYN Protocol:

  • Join or champion a new pan-industry ecosystem: Leverage the ORIGYN digital certification platform to issue digital certificates for valuable assets and to explore new business opportunities through ORIGYN’s next-generation NFT standard
  • Plug an existing infrastructure or business software
    into the ecosystem’s supercharged Web3 back-end using ORIGYN APIs

The ORIGYN Digital Certificate takes your most important business data—images, PDFs, object data, records, videos, NDAs, intellectual property and more—and secures it permanently inside a secure, forgery-proof, customizable digital certificate.

Certificate Management That Makes Sense

ORIGYN’s certification engine
Includes novel solutions and minting technologies that streamline the entire certification process for industry partners, making digital certificates easier to create, store, manage, customize and circulate.

ORIGYN Certificate Template Builder
Enables users to create custom certificate templates with unique designs and data fields.

ORIGYN Certificate Management Platform
Allows users to create and manage certificates and access analytics from one simple dashboard, empowering businesses to make the decisions that most benefit their customers. This includes:

  • Certificate Management: Simple end-to-end management of certificates from the creation process to minting the certificate onto the blockchain and sending it to end customers
  • Certificate Transfer: Provides multiple, seamless ways to transfer certificates to customers—whether via QR code, e-mail or text message
  • Reporting Dashboard: Offers a holistic view of certificates to strengthen relationships with customers
  • Integration: Increases certificate automation through batch data uploads and complete integrations into legacy systems (e.g., inventory, CRMs or ERPs)

ORIGYN offers a variety of open-source APIs for businesses and developers. This includes the marketplace API, minting API and data API.

Companies like Yumi Marketplace and Unfold VR currently utilize ORIGYN APIs to fractionalize works of fine art, create and manage 3D metaverse NFTs and manage documents and related IP.

ORIGYN for Consumers

ORIGYN makes it easier to access and use blockchain technology. This includes storing, viewing and transferring digital certificates and tokens using secure but easy-to-use interfaces that lower the barrier of entry to blockchain for consumers.

ORIGYN Vault / Wallet
A next-generation application designed to store, transfer and manage digital certificates and related services, eliminating the need for paper certificates, while securing data forever on an impenetrable ledger and streamlining customer service and digital touch points via both desktop and mobile devices.

ORIGYN Value-Adding Services
Consumers may access a range of value-adding services from within their owned next generation digital certificates, including insurance policies and claims, lost and stolen alerts, financing and collateral services, warranties, service appointments and records, life event and heritage data, bequeathal instructions, appraisal history, marketplace functionality and more.

Why the Internet Computer?

ORIGYN is one of the longest-running projects on the Internet Computer (IC), the world’s fastest and most powerful open-source blockchain network, developed by the DFINITY Foundation. The IC offers the greatest benefits of any Layer 1 protocol available today, including:

Speed & Scalability: Ability to replicate Web2 experiences fully on-chain
Operational Cost: $5 to store 1GB/year on ICP vs. up to $15m on Ethereum (i.e. 3m x cheaper)
Sustainability: 2% of Ethereum’s energy consumption / transaction and 0.18% BTC
Decentralization: Applications hosted fully on-chain to allow for true decentralization
Security: Enables the ability to build in an inherently “un-hackable” way
Interoperability: Seamless integration with Bitcoin and EVM compatible Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains

The Internet Computer is also the only public blockchain with the scalability, performance, storage costs, security and sustainability required to develop and manage the ORIGYN Protocol. The ORIGYN platform and technology stack, including this underlying blockchain infrastructure, are highly energy efficient and “green.” The scalability, speed and storage costs of the Internet Computer enable ORIGYN to store very large decentralized data sets affordably for the benefit of ecosystem partners around the world (see the Layer-1 Performance Comparison with other blockchain solutions below).