For the First Time in History, Become a Co-Owner of a Physical Artwork — Powered by NFTs

November 16, 2022

  • Own a physical artwork without extensive liquidity
  • Gain exposure to alternative asset classes and a new, accessible form of investment
  • Join an exclusive, global community of innovative collectors

ORIGYN Foundation creates powerful digital certificates that prove the identity, authenticity and ownership of real-world physical assets, including fine art, luxury watches and jewelry. Yumi is a Web3 marketplace for digital goods and collectibles. If it sounds like the perfect pairing, that’s because it is!

ORIGYN is proud to announce that Yumi will now leverage the superior capabilities of the ORIGYN Digital Certificate to provide its users with access to physical fine art through the ORIGYN NFT.

In recent months, the art industry has increasingly embraced Web3 for its ability to ensure royalties and greater control for artists, as well as to increase access to fine art for millions of enthusiasts around the world. Christie’s, for example, launched Christie’s 3.0, an on-chain auction platform dedicated to exceptional NFT art. Sotheby’s launched Sotheby’s Metaverse to curate and release primary drops in collaboration with traditional and digitally-native artists.

ORIGYN takes this value one step further with a digital certificate so unique and forgery proof that it establishes an immutable connection between the certificate and the physical artwork. Furthermore, ORIGYN Digital Certificates are stored entirely on chain to make them truly secure and transparent, proving authenticity and ownership forever.

Why is this important? ORIGYN’s digital certification technology enables artists and art owners to generate a digital certificate of their physical artwork, which supports key functions like reselling and authentication, as well as co-ownership through platforms such as Yumi.

Yumi has some exciting announcements ahead in the coming months as it prepares to drop a collection of artworks certified by ORIGYN. Stay connected to learn more, and join the new Yumi channel in the ORIGYN Discord for more details on ORIGYN Digital Certificates on Yumi!

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