Why ORIGYN NFTs Are Built to Empower Creators

April 15, 2022

ORIGYN Foundation preserves the creations that define human ingenuity.

This quote is the first thing you’ll see when you visit our website. We crafted this statement because it describes why we are so committed to leveraging decentralized technology in the literal creative space.

Philosophically, our creations can be considered the purpose of humanity in general. Life is defined by what you experience, after all. From art to products to events, these are the positive marks we leave on the world.

ORIGYN not only wants to preserve these creations on the blockchain, but to empower creators to continue creating.

The first part of that statement is baked into the technology of our Digital Twin NFTs. For the first time in history, both physical and digitally-native items can be preserved by storing their “biometric” information and provenance on the blockchain, with true utility. ORIGYN NFTs are built to last for generations and beyond, providing security to the creators.

A Snapshot of the ORIGYN NFT

We’ve created a brief introduction to ORIGYN NFTs, including what they offer and the infrastructure they’re built upon.

This is just a snapshot, and we will release more detailed tech specs of the ORIGYN NFT in the future.

The Origynators

In the coming weeks and months, ORIGYN will announce partnerships with some of the top creators, brands, organizations and influencers in animation, sports, entertainment, design and more. These are our “Origynators,” and they will partner with us to generate ORIGYN-minted NFTs, many of which will be accessible on Impossible Things (i.e., the NFT marketplace powered by ORIGYN).

The names we have been lining up for this next wave of announcements has our team excited to say the least, and we are just as thrilled to share them with you as the time comes.

Keep tabs on who we announce by joining our Twitter, Telegram and Discord communities. We’ve got a lot to tell you, coming soon!