Why Big Names are Partnering With ORIGYN Foundation

November 23, 2021

At ORIGYN Foundation, we believe digital twins have the potential to change the very idea of “ownership.” We are

imagining a future where valuable objects have digital fingerprints, making everything of value truly **one-of-one**,

and we’ve charted the course to this future with every action over the past year.

Simply put, we bring NFTs to life with biometric data and unique ownership experiences, and chasing this vision

naturally led us into some of the largest consumer asset classes in the world, including art, collectibles, digital

media and luxury goods. Having set this course, we’ve never wavered in our vision.

The amazing part is that a lot of our influential partners share this vision as well. Today we are proud to announce

that ORIGYN Foundation has raised $20 million in a select, private funding round from institutions such as **Polychain

Capital, Bill Ackman’s Table Management, Coinko, Vectr Ventures** and many more.

_“We’re incredibly fortunate and excited to include so many influential names in this funding round. ORIGYN is unique

in what it brings to this world. It’s a sign of support for what ORIGYN is trying to achieve — using technology to

solve for identity, authenticity and proof of ownership. Our partners have seen the opportunity we provide to unlock

value for owners and creators,”_ said Daniel Haudenschild, CEO of ORIGYN Entreprise SA, the operating entity of ORIGYN


What it means for us: This latest round of funding values ORIGYN at $300 million and will help us continue to expand

our team, iterate our technology, push the boundaries of our R&D and onboard even more partners.

What it means for you: As we prepare to publicly launch our OGY utility token to provide governance of ORIGYN’s

direction to holders, this strategic funding round enables us to achieve market growth faster, as well as launch our

NFT certificates of authenticity across verticals. In short: we’re here to stay.

Find out more about the visionary institutions and people partnering with ORIGYN by reading our full press release at:

[https://bwnews.pr/30NgZ1E](https://bwnews.pr/30NgZ1E). To learn more about what ORIGYN is up to, visit our website

for our latest updates.