The Impossible Pass: Granting VIP Access to Impossible Things

May 27, 2022

From the beginning of ORIGYN’s journey, we’ve been committed to preserving and celebrating amazing works of human creation, be it art or products, through the power of blockchain technology. But preservation has little purpose without shared meaning. This is why we also focus our technology on making these items available to people who are the most interested in them.

Our digital certificates not only help to identify, authenticate and prove ownership for these important items. They also make creations, whether physical or digital, accessible in new ways.

Enter the Impossible Things marketplace powered by ORIGYN NFTs.

Impossible Things is the world’s premier marketplace for buying authenticated collectibles and artifacts unavailable anywhere else in the world, and it’s powered exclusively by ORIGYN NFTs. Unless natively created as digital art, many NFTs will be inexorably linked to a real-world physical object, with all the history, data and ownership information safely stored in the smart contract contained within the NFT. Every part of a purchase made on Impossible Things will be transparent and reliable.

What makes ORIGYN NFTs different? Check out our quick explainer infographic.

What does “Powered by ORIGYN” mean?

NFTs found on Impossible Things are first minted through ORIGYN Foundation, and the lifetime of each smart contract will be fueled by the OGY Token. NFTs are backed by ORIGYN’s commitment to identity, authenticity and proof of ownership.

What NFTs will be listed on Impossible Things?

Users will see NFTs from rare and exclusive curated collections both from and also featuring iconic athletes, animators, artists, collectors, photographers, producers, charitable organizations and more.

Many of these first NFTs will be announced in the coming weeks and for the rest of 2022. Be sure to follow ORIGYN and Impossible Things on social media, as they will be the first channels to feature such announcements.

How can I get access to the NFTs on Impossible Things?

While many ORIGYN NFTs will be available to the public, some of the most exclusive offerings will first (and occasionally only) be available to holders of the Impossible Pass coming June 16th.

The Impossible Pass

The Impossible Pass is your all-access ticket for early-access to the most exclusive NFTs on Impossible Things, as well as IRL events themed around certain NFT collections.

The Impossible Pass is set to drop on June 16th in a one-time limited quantity of passes for USD $314 each.

Where can we learn more about Impossible Things?

The Impossible Things’ team has written a blog post about what to expect in their own words. Check it out here.

You can also learn more about the pass and find out how to whitelist on Impossible Things’ Discord.