Spotlight on the ORIGYN Community

July 15, 2022

One of the main goals of ORIGYN has always been to leverage blockchain technology to preserve the incredible projects that people work on. And for that, one of the most important things we can do, if not the most important, is to cultivate a community of people who are creators, as well as people who want to take part in those creations.

On the creator side of things, we’ve been pulling back the curtain on our Origynators — innovators and leaders in their fields who are diving into Web3 by leveraging ORIGYN’s unique NFT technology. We’ll be showcasing more of these Origynators throughout 2022, as well as the exciting projects they bring to our platform and the ORIGYN-powered marketplace, Impossible Things.

On the other side, we’ve been working hard to foster a strong community of people all across the world who believe in the preservation of creativity through blockchain technology, as well as want to get in on ORIGYN’s technology on the ground floor. This community includes casual followers of our Twitter and the incredibly active members of our Discord alike. They share and comment on our updates, hold our OGY utility token, celebrate our technology developments and launches and help us continually step up our game.

Today, ORIGYN has three dedicated Community Managers who work to grow, strengthen and provide support to our base: Bianca Michel Yepez, who is most active on our Discord, Annie Hemmesch, who leads international outreach, and Ling Cheung, who heads our visibility in the ever-expansive Chinese market.

These three managers all have unique views on the ORIGYN and Web3 communities due to their varied interactions. But two aspects about our community members consistently register with every member of this team: their intelligence and diversity.

I love that the ORIGYN community is more Web3 advanced than many NFT/Web3 communities. They require little to no help when it comes to our tech, or understanding the vision ORIGYN has. They are also incredibly helpful in answering questions or even troubleshooting issues our community faces. — BMY
The ORIGYN ecosystem is built upon a community of artists, athletes, creators, technologists, the crypto curious, Gen-Z and even (gasp) Baby Boomers. Our community spans countries, time zones, languages and gives all members interested in building, buying and spending time in the same digital universe an opportunity to connect. Be it listening to music, attending events in Discord or asking questions during AMAs. There is something for everyone in the ORIGYN community ecosystem. — AH
Our community inspires us every day. They remind us what we are doing well and what could be better, and their feedback helps us make the best customer-centric moves. I love that our community comes from a diverse background. One of the greatest things I’ve seen is how members always help and support each other, (e.g., experienced members may help out the newer ones in our projects). — LC

The diversity aspect has always been a key point of growth for ORIGYN, as a varied community is a stronger community. As we continue to build products that industries, businesses and consumers can benefit from (more robust NFTs, certification of goods, digital collectibles in sports & entertainment, etc.), having a wide audience with different interests enables better, broader feedback and more roadways to explore. Web3 is truly borderless in this aspect.

So what’s next for our community? Bianca knows, but she’s not telling just yet.

We have been in some significant planning that involves exclusive community giveaways and activations with artists that carry excitement with their name alone, and we’ll be able to share more on our socials about this very soon. Ultimately, we want to be known for our tech and use case …. but also for our creativity. — BMY

Our ORIGYN community continues to grow! Come join our Discord and Twitter to be a part of our exciting projects to come!