Origynator Spotlight: Tom Flanagan

May 26, 2022

Origynators are Web3 creators. They are artists, directors, entrepreneurs and visionaries in animation, technology, sports, design, collectibles and entertainment. Many of these Origynators will premier curated NFT collections on the upcoming Impossible Things NFT marketplace. Others collaborate to develop unique collections powered by ORIGYN NFTs. In short, these creators are shaping the future of Web3, and we’ll feature the first cohort of these groundbreakers one-by-one.

Tom Flanagan is the Managing Director of ORIGYN Collectibles and one of the main architects behind the Origynators Collection. As an executive producer and entrepreneur, Tom was a creator long before Web3. From advertising and music to film and television, Tom spearheaded award-winning projects for decades, and his work with ORIGYN is no exception. Tom has quietly collected a group of top content creators to collaborate and mint with on the next technological landscape.

“The proliferation of better tech, content platforms and distribution channels has created a market for more content creation; however, it has also clearly become a quantity over quality proposition. It’s easy to create more content these days, perhaps too easy, but it’s never been easy to create exceptional content. Our Web3 content team has proven all there is to prove in the Web2 space. Now we are dedicated to delivering only exceptional content for Web3 audiences.” — T.F.

Starting this summer, back-to-back drops of unique NFTs and collectibles from culture-defining artists, musicians, athletes and photographers will premiere on the upcoming NFT marketplace, Impossible Things, and that’s just the beginning for Tom and his team.

“Expect to see never-before-seen items and associated real-life experiences from the most undisputed talents in history across sports and entertainment alongside impossibly cool new animated characters, digital artwork, luxury items and much more.” — T.F.

While Tom raises the bar for future Web3 creators, he’s also helping to define the NFT space overall.

“If you think of NFTs as ‘digital gift boxes’ that are highly secure and tradable, imagine the kind of unlimited information and utility they can contain. NFTs will not just act as receptacles of information and the keys to new experiences, they will also change the way we transact with others on a global basis in real time.” — T.F.

For news on upcoming NFT drops, follow the Impossible Things marketplace powered by ORIGYN NFTs on Twitter, and stay tuned for more Origynator and leadership spotlights coming soon here!