Origynator Spotlight: La Mer Walker

June 30, 2022

Origynators are Web3 creators. They are artists, directors, entrepreneurs and visionaries in animation, technology, sports, design, collectibles and entertainment. Many of these Origynators will premier curated NFT collections on the upcoming Impossible Things NFT marketplace. Others collaborate to develop unique collections powered by ORIGYN NFTs. In short, these creators are shaping the future of Web3, and we’ll feature the first cohort of these groundbreakers one-by-one.

La Mer Walker is the Managing Director of ORIGYN Digital Media. He is a creator, designer, producer, entrepreneur and a staunch advocate of Web3. He is also one of the key architects behind our Origynators and the overall creator-led vision inspiring ORIGYN-powered NFT collections. La Mer has previously held positions as the Creative Director at BCG Digital Ventures, as an instructor at the Art Center College of Design, and has most recently found his way to ORIGYN to lead our team in bringing in and supporting diverse creators who are native to Web3 or looking to get in on the fun.

I got into the Web3 space back in 2013 when the “dark web” was a research topic that I was helping my students create PSAs around. That zoomed me in on Bitcoin, putting the blockchain on my radar. Three years later, I was part of a team working with some top film and TV executives (including Duwayne Dunham) working on a project. All this eventually launched me into creative entrepreneurship, where I help creatives find funding and get audience engagement. Because I’ve been interested in how designers and creators can tap into equity for themselves for so long, Web3 was a natural fit. — L.M.W.

Having worked in the traditional studio system on creative projects, La Mer cultivated an intimate understanding of the various pain-points that come with working in a hundred-year-old model.

Web2 was a reconstitution of old studio models to a painful degree. Many of the current streamers (Netflix, etc.) are just carbon copies of the same gatekeeping and same narrow interests and tastes. But there’s been a slow and subtle migration to more audience-driven creative outlets. Patreon is an example of that. But Web3 really has the potential for artists to create something of their own making, directly for a niche target audience. Even YouTube isn’t there yet — the algorithms, the restrictions, the shadowbanning. TikTok has all sorts of thorny edges. Web3 really opens the door to an “open source” ethos that not only speaks directly to the audience, but is sustainable for the artist because there is finance (crypto & the blockchain) built into the center of it. — L.M.W.

While La Mer sees great potential for musicians and visual media artists, he has a soft spot for writers in particular, as he has long been working on one of those “forever projects” that all writers have. [[editor’s note: yes we do]] And he sees a place for the written word in Web3 as well.

The idea of a registry or a patent application/submission platform for writers on Web3 is something I’m really passionate about. Think about putting all these works in a great digital vault. Fifty years later, all these works can be leveraged and engaged with… and the authors will always make revenue when that happens. Web3 can usher in new writing communities, since it’s so social in nature already, and can provide new interactions with other members of a writer’s club. And think of song writers — can you get any more timely when music is so social today? Same with screenwriters. It’s all a way to build your own audiences once you set up the blockchain ecosystem. — L.M.W.

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