ORIGYN & Impossible Things @ Comic-Con

July 28, 2022

ORIGYN Foundation and Impossible Things just hit Comic-Con San Diego for a meet-the-creators event with the innovators behind Kulipari, a Netflix original animated series.

Here’s a quick recap of the Comic-Con afterparty event.

We kicked off by introducing Tom Flanagan, the head of Impossible Things, and Mike Schwartz, co-founder of ORIGYN. They spoke about ORIGYN NFTs and how they enable creators like Kulipari to feature video content inside NFTs (something that would be prohibitively expensive with Ethereum-based NFTs).

Tom introduced Trevor Pryce, the novelist, creator and studio owner from whom the Kulipari series was pioneered. Pryce previewed a series of first-seen teasers and introduced the immense work and content underway for the franchise.

Trevor was soon joined by Walt Carter, the director of 3D & VFX at Outlook Company and the mastermind behind much of the Kulipari animation across projects. Walt spoke about bringing the next generation of Kulipari animation to life, especially in the gaming space.

Finally, Ben Miller, creative director in 2D illustration at OVFX, came out to speak about creating unique NFTs for Kulipari coming soon to Impossible Things. Check out the sneak peek below!

Of course, the audience didn’t leave empty handed. The creators gave out four one-of-one prints of the upcoming Kulipari NFTs, each signed by the creators.

Thank you all for coming out to see us, and follow both ORIGYN and Impossible Things on Twitter for the latest and greatest updates!