ORIGYN Foundation Listing in June!

June 2, 2022

ORIGYN will start its listing journey in the Centralized Exchange (CEX) market on MEXC Global and Bitrue in June, with more exchanges to follow soon after.

OGY, the native utility token of ORIGYN Foundation, is used to mint ORIGYN NFTs and digital certificates based on an object’s biometry or natively digital assets, as well as to access and help govern the ORIGYN platform. Listing means the ecosystem is now fully operational.

Earlier this week, ORIGYN announced the addition of OGY on Sonic, a premier decentralized exchange and automated market maker (AMM) that runs on the Internet Computer blockchain. With listing on Bitrue and MEXC, ORIGYN will further expand the functional role OGY plays in issuing and maintaining certificates of authenticity.

Let’s take a brief tour of these centralized exchanges.


Used by over 6 million people worldwide, MEXC is a high-performance trading engine that won “Best Crypto Exchange Asia” in 2021. MEXC is capable of completing 1.4 million transactions per second and keeps stability and security at the core of its offering. The exchange is present across continents and has obtained key licenses in countries like Estonia, Australia and the United States.

MEXC Support:

  1. Submit a request
  2. Live Chat (customer care chat located on the lower right corner of the homepage)
  3. Telegram


Bitrue enables trading of over 200 cryptocurrencies with a target on safety, speed and convenience. Bitrue has more than 9 million registered users globally and offers a unique core pair trading system, as well as two-factor authentication and multi-signature functions.

Bitrue Support:

  1. Help Center
  2. Email: support@bitrue.com
  3. Telegram

Just the Beginning

ORIGYN kick-starts its listing journey on centralized exchanges with MEXC and Bitrue as listing partners and will continue its diligent work to expand the ecosystem globally from there.

With plans to add new exchanges quarterly in alignment with market growth, ORIGYN will select new listing partners with a strong daily trading volume, broad regional availability and an established track record of security and user satisfaction, as well as access to a multitude of tokens, trading pairs and payment options.

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