$OGY Staking and the ORIGYN Strategic Roadmap: Key Updates

June 28, 2022

OGY Staking Simulator

Our team has added a useful staking simulator to show users what their staking rewards may be as they accumulate OGY.

By using the various sliders to adjust the Lock Period and Staking Value, users can see precisely how much their Staking Ratio and Rewards Rate will change over the months.

Staking OGY, which we will focus on more in-depth in a future post, not only provides holders with token rewards, but gives governance rights and power to affect change in both the OGY token, as well as the ORIGYN Foundation’s projects and priorities.

Speaking of which…

ORIGYN Strategic Roadmap


We’ve also added a roadmap to show the key launches across all our verticals through 2022. Want to see what ORIGYN Digital Media has in store? Just click through and see what’s on the docket.

This roadmap will evolve as milestones are met and new projects are added, so check back in often to see the latest on what ORIGYN is doing with our digital certificates, partnerships, collaborations with Web3 innovators and more.

Media Page


ORIGYN has been receiving a slew of media attention as of late, highlighting our partnership with WatchBox and other key initiatives. So we’ve revamped our media page to make it easier to navigate through articles and videos in order to find out what the greater internet is talking about when it comes to ORIGYN.

Now you can sort your search by industry, by year, by videos or see all the news articles that have to do with ORIGYN Foundation.

We’ll have even more updates coming to our website soon, and stay tuned for news from ORIGYN Foundation on our Twitter and Telegram.