Human Ingenuity and the Powers of Ownership: Unveiling the ORIGYN Story

July 2, 2021

There is no time in history so unique and entirely pressing in the demand for organizational introspection than in

this post-COVID reality. At ORIGYN Foundation, few things matter more than the “why” behind our business.

Foundations like ours are governed by purpose. Every day, we make decisions based on the impact of, and progression

toward, our purpose. That’s why we want to share more about the driving force behind ORIGYN, introducing the meaning

behind the tech that propels each of our verticals.

## 1. Certifying Truth

It all began with a simple recognition — truth matters. As we first embarked on our digital authentication journey

with ORIGYN Luxury, we set out to certify the truth for authentic timepieces.

A watch brand, a timepiece itself, cultivates an emotional connection through the heritage behind its creation and

ownership, and digital certification is all about enhancing that connection.

Just as governments mint money, ORIGYN mints tamper-proof digital twins that may be irrefutably matched to real-world

physical goods leveraging the Internet Computer. These NFTs enable the certification of authentic objects based on

their biometric features, while also supporting the transfer of ownership for the lifetime of the cherished item.

## 2. Preserving Human Ingenuity

We value humankind’s creativity as its greatest asset. As we’ve expanded to the art and digital media sectors, we

continue to target objects of passion, craftsmanship and legacy, and we only consider verticals with inherent purpose.

From artistic masterpieces and luxury watches to pioneering digital experiences and collectors’ items, the common

thread linking our verticals comes from the creativity and ingenuity behind the objects. Our interest extends beyond

the physical item to its inspiration, meaning and history.

## 3. Unlocking Powers of Ownership

Ownership in this paradigm provides a host of novel opportunities and experiences. We’re motivated to unlock the true

power of ownership by creating new value opportunities for a broader global audience.

* For ORIGYN Art, this means bringing a novel dimension of liquidity and fractionalized ownership to the art world.

* For ORIGYN Digital Media, this means enabling influencers, artists, creative talent and individuals to manage the distribution of their digital property while increasing the exposure and tradability of their works.

* For ORIGYN Luxury, this means opening the door to value-adding services — from insurance and warranties to bequeathal and lost and stolen item recovery — while enabling customers to prove and trace lifetime ownership of their treasured objects.

## Telling the ORIGYN Story

The continuing pathway to unlocking ORIGYN’s assets for broader governance and ownership by industry and the world at

large means progressively unveiling more of the heart and soul of our work with the global community. Please stay

tuned to our summer Medium series, as we pull back the curtain on our verticals, shine the spotlight on our founders

and share exciting news as it happens. ORIGYN protects the assets that define the human experience. Join us on this

important journey!