From Moonshine Gold to Damascus Titanium, New Watches Are Pushing the Envelope in the World of Luxury

September 23, 2021

Whether you're a connoisseur of fine watches or just entering the world of luxury time-telling pieces, it's important

to understand the meaning behind the tag on your showpiece. The components, craftsmanship and techniques — the

exclusivity — truly determine the value of heirloom watches.

The luxury watch sector works in a state of continual innovation, merging historic craftsmanship with new design

techniques and materials. In fact, there are a slew of designs from brands such as A. Lange & Söhne, Omega and Roger

Dubuis that explore less common materials that stand the test of time.

Elite watch manufacturers are utilizing unique precious metals that are more durable, lighter and less prone to

corrosion. In fact, some leading luxury brands deploy differentiated formulas that produce something new and exclusive

only to them, making the often limited-edition factor of these collector pieces all the more thrilling to obtain.

Equally beautiful as they are long-lasting, watches made with these precious metals are distinguished and offer watch

advocates flair and individuality. These metals can be used to enhance craftsmanship, as well as offer unique and

subtle touches that add immense value.

## Honeygold

We're certainly familiar with gold, but honeygold insinuates a sweeter, perhaps warmer material. While honeygold does

omit a warm hue, the color isn't the only thing that makes this alloy a special material. Honeygold is much tougher

than other gold alloys, such as 18-karat gold, which is less scratch-resistant. The harder structure makes it complex

to form and finish, resulting in a valuable and coveted outcome.

This material may sound like an exciting opportunity for high-end watchmaking, but A. Lange & Söhne has claimed the

rights to this special gold. These craftsmen showcase classic, timeless pieces that don't adhere to passing trends, so

the introduction of these limited-edition watches has been the perfect honeygold formula for their sophisticated

collectors. The exact make-up of this alloy remains a mystery that only A. Lange & Söhne can share, which is likely

considering the watchmakers have only issued eight limited-edition watches in the distinctive honeygold.

## Damascus titanium

This element is an innovative marriage between an ancient metalworking technique and titanium. The process involves

melting and folding metal repeatedly, which creates a swirl-like pattern that captivates the eye. As unique as the

appearance of this alloy is, the real appeal lies in its sturdiness and resistance. This metalworking technique was

traditionally used to manufacture steel and iron weapons such as swords and blades due to its light weight and

endurance. That certainly tells us it creates some dependable watches. Swiss-based watchmaker Roger Dubuis, as well as

the folks behind the newer brand Genus, decided to use this technique with titanium to fashion striking watches. The

entrancing design only adds to the beauty of the collection, in which Genus uses an open flame to create vibrant blue

color tones that dazzle.

## Moonshine Gold

This rare element exudes a more subdued yellow than standard gold, which can be attributed to the addition of

palladium. This element makes the design rebellious to fading over time as it keeps the warm, lighter shade forever

intact. Moonshine Gold is an 18k gold composite that practically glows on the wrist. Omega is the proud proprietor of

Moonshine Gold, which was first unveiled in 2019. It has been featured in various models, including a piece from their

women's line with a partially diamond-set bezel. Omega has used this exclusive gold alloy to form different watch

accessories such as cases and bracelets.

## Preserving Innovation in Artistry

Such groundbreaking time pieces deserve to be protected and preserved. As these unique materials help innovate the

watchmaking and luxury sector at large, equally advanced certification methods can enable their impact to be measured

across generations. Luxury certification technology that distills the natural characteristics of innovative timepieces

into irrefutable digital counterparts is not only valuable; it is imperative. The human ingenuity embedded in modern

luxury watches requires solutions that modernize certification for the current world of ownership.

Having an NFT, or “digital twin,” to match a luxury watch will serve as the future of ownership across market sectors.

At ORIGYN Luxury, this is how we create an unprecedented level of trust and new opportunities for customers, brands

and industries.