Creating ‘NFTs for Good’ with UEFA Foundation for Children

April 22, 2022

"What good are NFTs anyway?”

Anyone in the crypto and Web3 space will hear some variation of this question multiple times a week (or multiple times a day if you’re a pioneering NFT startup). But it’s a fair question this early in the game. NFTs are very new. They also commonly lack real-world utility. Some naysayers go so far as to describe NFTs as a wholly speculative, fad trend.

But there’s much more to the NFT space, especially ORIGYN NFTs.

NFTs for Good

ORIGYN’s ‘NFTs for Good’ initiative is our foundation’s way of using the unique properties of NFTs to help charitable organizations and other socially-conscious businesses, brands and creators raise funds for philanthropic works. In fact, as the NFT global market continues to skyrocket to billions in sales, little has been done to divert portions of this revenue to causes and charities.

The NFTs for Good initiative seeks to change that, and we are proud to officially kick-start this endeavor with UEFA Foundation for Children. As a part of this partnership, ORIGYN will mint and sell NFTs created from a collection of historic football memorabilia. Proceeds from the sale of the physical objects and their corresponding Digital Twin NFTs will directly benefit UEFA Foundation for Children’s work to fund children’s rights.

“We are thrilled to partner with ORIGYN to bring these important items to the world stage and for the benefit of The UEFA Foundation for Children,” said Urs Kluser, General Secretary for the UEFA Foundation for Children. “We share a united vision of leveraging next-generation technology such as NFTs to raise money for children and world citizens across the globe. There is no better collective mission.”

These iconic items, and their corresponding Digital Twin NFTs, will be among the first minted by our foundation and made available on the upcoming ORIGYN-powered Impossible Things marketplace. The proceeds will be donated to the UEFA Foundation for Children to help further its mission to improve the lives of millions of children around the world.

For more information, read our official UEFA Foundation for Children partnership announcement here and follow us on Twitter and Telegram. For more information about Impossible Things, visit here.