An Open Letter to the ORIGYN Community

June 15, 2022

Upon ORIGYN’s inception, we earmarked (and have since set aside) a 2.1 billion OGY utility token contribution to seed the fostering of causes we consider important for humanity.

Today, during an ORIGYN Foundation Council Meeting, 1.104 billion of these OGY utility tokens were formally committed to three new Perpetual DAOs For Good (in equal portions of 368 million OGY utility tokens per DAO), which will be programmatically orchestrated to foster:

  1. The health and wellbeing of our biosphere, and its flora and fauna
  2. Child welfare and fulfillment
  3. The creative arts and our capacity to imagine and inspire one another

Each Perpetual DAO For Good’s OGY seed allocation will be locked in perpetuity, with its DAO forever capturing any staking rewards that may be put to use only for the benefit of its cause.

This leaves approximately 1 billion OGY utility tokens for future assignment to DAOs designed to further reward our committed OGY utility token holders.

We at ORIGYN hope you are as excited as we are about these incredible new vehicles designed to contribute positively to the common good — forever — and that you might also be inspired to find meaningful ways to enhance their impact, as well as participate in their governance.

Gian Bochsler, Mike Schwartz and Vincent Perriard are Co-Founders and Council Members of the ORIGYN Foundation. Please stay tuned to @ORIGYNTech and our website for more information about the Perpetual DAOs For Good.

*DAO = Decentralized Autonomous Organization.