ORIGYN Foundation Preserves
the Creations that Define
Human Ingenuity

ORIGYN Foundation Preserves
the Creations that Define
Human Ingenuity

The ORIGYN certification platform enables art owners to mint and generate a digital certificate of their physical artworks for authenticity, provenance and preservation in a secure, transparent and decentralized environment.  


The ORIGYN certification platform empowers individuals with shared passions to buy, sell, trade and experience collectible objects on the blockchain. We reward and celebrate creativity by tokenizing certificates of ownership that verify the uniqueness and authenticity of physical collectibles.


The ORIGYN certification platform provides a comprehensive ecosystem built for digital media creators of all types to activate their social capital on the blockchain. We provide tooling for all forms of experiential content, artifacts and marketplaces for the world’s most creative icons and their fans.

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The ORIGYN certification platform provides the first and only digital certificate guaranteed to prove authenticity using a luxury object’s own biometric features.


ORIGYN is a Swiss Foundation

At ORIGYN Foundation, we combine intelligent technologies and decentralized computing to identify, authenticate and unlock the powers of ownership for the world’s most valuable objects.

ORIGYN brings NFTs to life with biometric data and unique ownership experiences to power brands, creators, artists, marketplaces, consumers and industries with guaranteed certificates of authenticity.

At ORIGYN Foundation, we believe creativity is humankind’s greatest asset. So, we’re developing the tools and technologies to preserve the creations that define human ingenuity.

OGY, Utility of Access to the ORIGYN Platform

OGY is the native token of the ORIGYN Foundation, which provides the utility of access to the platform where ORIGYN certificates are minted, referenced and transacted. OGY is necessary to create and transact certificates of authenticity, the core service of the platform. Tokens are also required to vote in the governance of ORIGYN.

Internet Computer

ORIGYN runs on the Internet Computer (IC), developed by the DFINITY Foundation. The IC is a revolutionary, decentralized global compute platform leveraged to mint, maintain and transfer digital twins. Advanced cryptography and decentralized technology make the protocol tamper-proof and efficiently scalable.

Our Partners


The ORIGYN Foundation unites industry leaders from art, luxury, media, entertainment, sports and more with token holders to govern our industry verticals. Voting power is the primary governance mechanism of ORIGYN, determining the adoption of proposals and key operational functions within each vertical.



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